Deliciously Disgusting! Horrific Hors d’Oeuvres for Halloween


Halloween will be here in a few weeks, and if you’re planning a party or celebration, take a look at Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes for some culinarily gross food ideas! 

Roald Dahl wrote books for both adults and children.  I’ve had the pleasure of reading his books for both audiences.  Dahl was a great story teller who liked to shade his tales with dark humor and ironic twists that O. Henry would envy.  He is best known for his children’s books, several of which were made into movies:  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and Giant Peach, Matilda and The Witches, to name a few.  According to Dahl’s widow Felicity, she suggested writing a book for children based on the foods that appear in his books.  Dahl found the thought daunting, but supplied his wife with a listing of every food from every book or story he had written.  After his death in 1990, Felicity collaborated with author/illustrator Quentin Blake and chef Josie Fison to create Revolting Recipes.  The menu of foods in this cookbook comes from the aforementioned books, as well as The Twits, The BFG, and the autobiographical Boy  

There are some recipes that sound quite delicious, and appear normal, like Strawberry-Flavored Chocolate-Coated Fudge, Nutty Crunch Surprise, onion rings, spare-ribs and chicken soup.  But then there are the truly revolting recipes: Stink Bug Eggs, Snozzcumber, Hot Frogs, Fresh Mudburgers and Hair Toffee to Make Hair Grow on Bald Men!  Yes, it’s all normal, edible food, but made in such a way to appear truly disgusting, and, though not Dahl or Mrs. Dahl’s intention, possibly suitable for Halloween! 


Enormous Crocodile from Roald Dahls Revolting RecipesThe recipe I’d like to make is the Enormous Crocodile, from the picture book of the same name.  It’s basically an egg salad sandwich styled to look like a crocodile with his mouth open, baring all of his almond-shaped teeth!  The recipe appeals to both the model maker and the cook in me. 

Check out this cookbook while considering the buffet for your Halloween get together, or anytime you want to serve something to gross out your guest!  

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More ghastly gastronomy can be found in the follow-up to Revolting Recipes, Roald Dahl’s Even More Revolting Recipes, available through PINES.  Click here to see Roald Dahl titles available at CCLS.

Even more macabre munchies are discussed in this recent article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  Click here for the recipes, and see photos of the dishes here.

Still want more haunted haute cuisine?  Check out Ghoulish Goodies, a new collection of Halloween recipes available at CCLS.



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