Young Adult Feature of the Month: Stargirl

Have you ever read a book that just speaks to you? Certain passages make you stop reading, you re-read and it and just think on it. Maybe it relates to what is going on in your life or past experiences. Maybe it helps to put things into perspective for you.

Stargirl and Love, Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli does that for me.

I read Stargirl a few years ago when it first came out and fell in love with her. I wanted to be more like her. She was so completely unselfish, and always did nice things to/for others. It may not have had the desired outcome she wanted, but just the act was enough. She always tried to make someone happy. (Singing happy birthday to people, dropping pennies for someone to find, etc). She also did things anonymously, (make & give cards to people) she wanted no recognition for any of it.

Spinelli wrote a sequel summer of 2007: Love, Stargirl. It follows a year in Stargirl’s life via a letter that actually came out more like a journal. I wasn’t as moved by the second one, but there were still moments.

“Live today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Just today. Inhabit your moments. Don’t rent them out to tomorrow.”

That one passage has become my new motto. I ask you to do that as well. Live for today! Do something nice for someone else-even if it is as simple as picking a wildflower and giving it to a friend. Or maybe someone is having a down day. Send them a cheery note. (sometimes the simplest actions have the greatest reaction)

Jerry Spinelli’s website ( has a link, “How to Start a Stargirl Society” Maybe you’d like to start one at your school… Make your own name, learn to play the ukelele, make cards for people, find enchanted places, etc.

Hmm…looks like there is a Stargirl movie in the making as well! (I don’t know about any of yall, but everytime I picture Stargirl I see Larisa Oleynik as Dawn Schafer from The Babysitter’s Club movie) But it will be interesting to see the movie. And it is one of the few book to movies that I am actually looking forward to seeing!

BTW: if you enjoyed Stargirl, check out Loser-also by Spinelli.

Other sites of possible interest:
Stargirl Society article
How to play a Ukelele 
Stargirl movie updates (not much here yet…but check back)

And now–off I go to start a letter to someone…to give to them February 18, 2009!

Till next time keep flipping those pages!

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