Is Educational Equality a Reality in the U.S.?

This thought provoking work, The Shame of the Nation: The Restoration of Apartheid Schooling in America by Jonathan Kozol holds that:

“. . . conditions have grown worse for inner-city children in the 15 years since federal courts began dismantling the landmark ruling in Brown v. Board of Education. First a state of nearly absolute apartheid now prevails in thousands of our schools. The segregation of black children has reverted to a level that the nation has not seen since 1968. Few of the students in these school know white children any longer. Second, a protomilitary form of discipline has now emerged, modeled on the stick-and-carrot methods of behavioral control traditionally used in prisons but targeted exclusively at black and Hispanic children. And third, as high-stakes testing takes on pathological and punitive dimensions, liberal education in our inner-city school has been increasingly replaced by culturally barren and robotic methods of instruction that would be rejected out of hand by schools that serve the mainstream of society.”

Reading this book is a heart-breaking experience. The reader is tormented by the lost hopes and dreams of the children in the highlighted schools and the fact that these dreams were destroyed usually by those making the important decisions in these children’s lives. How can we feel proud as a society if we leave these children behind, with no real futures?

To learn more about the beliefs of this author and researcher, go to To learn more about his views on education and educational equality, be sure to go past the introduction to social equality, then educational advocacy page.

More information about Jonathan Kozol can be found in Wikipedial and Americans Who Tell the Truth

For a list of Clayton County’s books written by Jonathan Kozol

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