Graves Mortuary and Boneyard: Better Late than Never!

Our Halloween diorama is on display here at Forest Park, and it came very close to not being at all! 

Graves Boneyard and Mortuary

Graves Boneyard and Mortuary


Because I am constantly scrambling to finish our dioramas up to the last moment, and because of the complexity involved with this display, the staff and I started assembly of the models in August.  We’d hoped to have the diorama ready to go into our display case early this month.  But other projects and circumstances intervened – the Forest Park Branch history display, the business of opening our new Teen Zone, staff absences – and with my inexperience with electrical wiring and creative blocks, the whole project was delayed so seriously that it was almost abandoned!  But the usual last minute scramble got the project finished (and saved a lot of my co-workers’ hard work!)  Better late than never!

The diorama depicts a path winding through an old cemetery passed crypts and gravestones, leading up to a mortuary up on a hill.  A shadowy figure watches as a “resident” wakes from her rest and rises from her coffin!

Ray Keim’s Haunted Dimensions website provides the graveyard and mortuary models for our display. (His models inspired last year’s Haunted Mansion display as well)  A few of the models were modified to include working electric lights, and flashing lights energized the ghostly resurrection!

The diorama will be on display until mid-November.  See the photos are our Flickr page, or stop by and have a look:  The scene will send chills through you!

Check out last year’s Haunted Mansion display on our Flickr Photo collection.

Download and build the models yourself from the Haunted Dimensions website!

Model designer Ray Keim posted photos of the display on his blog, along with a nice write-up.  Read it here.  Thanks, Ray!

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