13 Days of Love: Day 8 Wicked Lovely & Ink Exchange

Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr

Aislinn can see faeries. But she tries not to pay them attention so that they don’t know that she knows about them. But as luck would have it, the Summer King notices her and decides she is going to be his Queen.

There are three problems with this:
1-Aislinn is mortal
2-Aislinn is in love with her mortal friend
3-Aislinn is not in love with the Summer King

Neither of these reasons prevents the Summer King from pursuing her at all costs.


Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr

Leslie feels like her body is no longer hers. Her brother sold her to his “friends” for a night to pay his drug debt. She survived, but now she needs to something to make her body hers again. She is getting a tattoo, a wing and eye creation.

This image happens to be the mark of Irial, the King of the Dark Court. Aislinn tries to protect Leslie from the faerie world, but it is no use. Leslie is under Irial’s thrall now that she has his mark on her body. She belongs to him and no one else.

Her feelings for Niall, the Summer King’s right hand, have disappeared even though he loves her. And what of Irial? Is it love he feels for Leslie, or is it something much worse? Her body gives him what he needs, but at what cost to her? Once again, Leslie is being used by someone else.

Will she be able to break free this time? Will love conquer all? Or will obsession find a way to be the master?

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