13 Days of Love: Day 11 The Truth About Forever & My Sister’s Keeper

The Truth About Foreverby Sarah Dessen

Macy is looking forward to her summer vacation. Between working at the library, studying for the SATs, waiting on her boyfriend to get home from summer camp, to silently, privately grieving the loss of her father, that is all Macy planned for the summer.

What she didn’t plan on was Wes and Wish Catering. She meets them at an open house event and loves the chaos that comes with them.

With the help of her new friends (most especially Wes), Macy comes to terms with the death of her father. This turns out to be a summer of change for Macy-just what she needs in her life.

And what Sarah Dessen book would be complete without a bit of young love? (And no, this is not a slam-I ❤ her books and Truth is one of my ‘Top 5 Favorite Books of All Time.’) Read and enjoy! 😀


My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

By the age of thirteen, Anna has undergone countless surgeries, transfusions, tests, shots, etc. Not for herself, but for her sister Kate who has leukemia.

In fact, Anna was conceived to be a bone marrow match for Kate. She is the product of preimplantation genetic diagnosis to ensure she would be a match. She has never questioned it until now. Anna is growing up an no longer content with being her sister’s only hope for survival. There is no doubt that Anna loves Kate, but she is no longer content to live her life as if she also has leukemia. What Anna decides to do will have serious repercussions…especially for Kate.

The moral dilema posed by My Sister’s Keeper will leave you thinking for quite a while. Is it fair to conceive a new child to save the life of the first one? Or is it selfishness on the part of the parents?

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