AFF 2009 – Two from FSU

The Florida State University Film School – my film school alma mater – has two short films screening at the Atlanta Film Festival this year.

State of Unrest: A Look into the Life of a Young Sex Offender examines the growing problem of young people being placed on the sex offender registries, specifically in the state of Florida.  Young men who reach the age of majority but continue relations with teen girlfriends find themselves placed on sex offender registries for life; such is the case of the documentary’s subject. The lives are complicated by monitoring, the stigma of being termed a sex offender and the threat of physical harm.  Interviewees discuss the arguably harsh penalty for these non-violent, first time (and perhaps only time) offenders, and the need to reform the sex offender registry guidelines.

The will to kill: Robert Pralgo (r) and Geoff McKnight in "First Kill"

The will to kill: Robert Pralgo (r) and Geoff McKnight in "First Kill"

First Kill is an action packed MFA thesis film about the business and motives of killing, and the heart of the man holding the gun.  A reluctant contract killer botches a hit, and the whole thing is caught on a hunter’s camera.  The hit man hunts and finds the camera’s owner:  A young kid.  But he soon learns why and how the kid spends his after school time alone in the woods, and what consequences it means for him.  Suspenseful and thrilling, First Kill rivals any professionally made film in terms of direction, editing and production value.

 Both films hold the standards of quality and excellence that have brought FSU produced films national and international notoriety.  Check them out along with other shorts this weekend.


State of Unrest is part of the Documentary Shorts I program, screening on Saturday, April 18 at 9:55 pm.

First Kill is part of the Action and Suspense Shorts program, which screens on Sunday, April 19 at 3:00 pm, and Monday, April 20 at 1:45 pm.

Check out the entire lineup and ticket information for the AFF at the Atlanta Film Festival website.

Learn more about the Florida State University Film School at its website.

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