The Death of the Floppy Disk

We all knew it was coming.  According to this article from Yahoo!, Sony will no longer produce the 3.5 inch floppy diskette.  The writer of the article predicted the floppy’s demise seven years ago, which was  about the time when floppy drives were no longer standard on personal computers; for the desktop I purchased in 2002, the floppy drive was an optional feature.

For our CCLS computer users, this means that there come a time when floppy disk cannot be used on library computers:  Broken floppy drives cannot be replaced, and new computers will not have floppy drives at all.  For now, floppy drives are still available on our computers, and diskettes are available for purchase at all six libraries.

It’s a good idea, though, to consider a new storage media if you’re a regular computer user at the Libraries.  The best option is a USB flash disk or drive.  They insert into the USB port of any computer, are highly portable, and can hold enormous amounts of memory.  Flash disks can be purchased at most stores that carry computer supplies.  The Libraries also will sell them in the near future.

We will not be replacing the floppy drives on our computers any time soon.  But now is a good time to consider using another medium for saving and carrying your files and other documents.


Our Virtual Services Librarian has created an excellent brochure “How to Save Your Files!” which describes how to save and access documents that you create on library computers.  Ask your librarian for a copy.

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Ladies of Favor Programs at Forest Park Branch Library

Take a look at the interview conducted with Gabrielle Starr, founder of Lades of Favor Mentoring Program, by CNN.  The Ladies of Favor Mentoring Program has teamed up with the Clayton County Library System to plan and host weekly Wednesday meetings and programs at the Forest Park Branch Library in the Teen Zone room. These get-togethers, entitled “Teen Empowerment Series, Realize the Star in You,” will be held from 4 P.M. to 5:30 P.M. For ages 12-18 years.

These programs are coordinated, and presented, by Ladies of Favor, Inc. Mentoring Program.  Guys you’re included, too, because despite the name, this program also is sponsored by males involed with mentoring.  Don’t miss out on a relaxed fun with a purpose in the Teen Zone.

More information about Ladies of Favor is on their web site. To register for this ongoing program series, contact Ms. Gabrielle Starr, MSW, 404 246 6385; or via email at

The Teen Zone is an upstairs room in the Forest Park Branch Library dedicated for use by teens, ages 12-18 years, during afterschool hours weekdays, early evening hours Mondays and Tuesdays, and some Saturday hours–all based on availability of staff to monitor the room. There are board and card games, two computers, and art supplies.  Visit with your friends in a relaxed setting; visit the Teen Zone.

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Junior Reptile Wagon to be at Riverdale Branch Library June 10, 2010

On June 10 Southeastern Reptile Rescue will bring their Junior Reptile Wagon at the Riverdale Branch Library showcasing  snakes native to Georgia . This display will offer a wide variety of native reptiles to view as well as exotic species of venomous and non-venomous snakes. All animals on display are kept in locked cages that provide up close, safe viewing for guests. Some  reptiles are made available to attendees for optional hands-on experiences. 

Jason Clark, and his family, who ARE Southeastern Reptile Rescue/Snakesareus, have recently become popular nationally via their new show on Animal Planet, Snakeskin .  However, Jason has been well-known in Clayton County for a long time, for his programs  at libraries and other places featuring his family’s snakes, for snake and reptile rescue, and for being a Clayton County police officer.  Now he’s decided to focus on reptiles and has resigned as a police officer. For more information on Jason Clark read “Former Clayton cop is new ‘Animal Planet’ star” and go to the Snakesareus web site.

SnakesKin is creating quite a stir in’s blog, “The Skinny on ‘SnakesKin’.”

Location of the Junior Reptile Wagon program: Riverdale Branch Library, 420 Valley Hill Rd., Riverdale, GA. 30274. Date: June 10, 2010; Time: 10-11 A.M. Space is limited and advance registration is required.  Groups are welcome to attend, based on available space, and MUST register in advance. Call 770 472 8100 to register or email Ramona Clark,

ALSO IF YOU LIKE REPTILES, don’t miss  the  reptile program (lizards, snakes, tortoises) by My Reptile Guys at the Headquarters Library, 865 Battle Creek Rd., Jonesboro, on June 30, 10-11 A.M. Again space is limited and advance registration is required. Call 770 472 8100 to register or email

For more June programs at our six libraries go to Clayton County Library System Events Calendar

Don’t forget to check out some books on reptiles while you are visiting the library!

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Does Owning Video Games Hurt School Performance?

One recent study published in the journal, Psychological Science,  came to the conclusion that “that video-game ownership may impair academic achievement for some boys in a manner that has real-world significance.”  However, at least one blogger on the Chicago Sun-Times site  feels like that the study was not structured in such a way to eliminate other variables which might have caused a decline school performance. The Chronicle of Higher Education comments on the study too.

Read a news release about the study.

One thing for sure, this discussion is probably just starting, with many more people planning to comment on the subject, and, also, probably planning more studies.

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Pete the Cat is available @ Clayton County Libraries!

One of our favorite stories to read aloud has now gone national in a new edition published by HarperCollins!   It’s now # 8 on the New York Times Children’s Books Best Seller List.  Atlanta area professional storyteller, musician, and educator, Eric Litwin, wrote the words to a song about a blue cat in 2008.  However, in 1999, artist, James Dean,  had adopted a black cat, but painted pictures of him in blue. Over the years more pictures  were drawn and eventually Eric and James collaborated on a picture book entitled Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes.  Eric Litwin has always been a favorite educational entertainer for children at Clayton County libraries. I believe Eric once told me that he formerly taught in Clayton County–I think at Suder Elementary.  He is a former teacher and has taught special education. 

We loved Pete the Cat when we first saw it recited online by two little girls  but had to order copies for our library directly from Eric Litwin.  Enjoy the video of Eric Litwin and James Dean reading the book aloud,  accompanied by Mr. Michael, who produced the CD that accompanies the book, playing the guitar.

Here’s a video of Eric and James on Good Day, Atlanta,  as they were interviewed on April 6.

For more information about the artist, James Dean, go to

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Library Director commemorates 30 years of service

Carol Stewart, CCLS Director of Library Services, recently reached this milestone with as little fan fare as she could get by with. But somehow, we noticed anyway. Her dedication to the library profession and the Clayton County community are evident to anyone she talks to.

Carol was there when the library system was formed, oversaw the construction of the Headquarters, Riverdale, Lovejoy and Morrow libraries and has seen the profession change in ways that were unimaginable 30 years ago. In case you missed it, there was an excellent article in The Clayton News-Daily about Carol’s career with us. We look forward to her continued leadership as we prepare to build a new library in Forest Park. Congratulations Carol!

Ted Bazemore

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