The Death of the Floppy Disk

We all knew it was coming.  According to this article from Yahoo!, Sony will no longer produce the 3.5 inch floppy diskette.  The writer of the article predicted the floppy’s demise seven years ago, which was  about the time when floppy drives were no longer standard on personal computers; for the desktop I purchased in 2002, the floppy drive was an optional feature.

For our CCLS computer users, this means that there come a time when floppy disk cannot be used on library computers:  Broken floppy drives cannot be replaced, and new computers will not have floppy drives at all.  For now, floppy drives are still available on our computers, and diskettes are available for purchase at all six libraries.

It’s a good idea, though, to consider a new storage media if you’re a regular computer user at the Libraries.  The best option is a USB flash disk or drive.  They insert into the USB port of any computer, are highly portable, and can hold enormous amounts of memory.  Flash disks can be purchased at most stores that carry computer supplies.  The Libraries also will sell them in the near future.

We will not be replacing the floppy drives on our computers any time soon.  But now is a good time to consider using another medium for saving and carrying your files and other documents.


Our Virtual Services Librarian has created an excellent brochure “How to Save Your Files!” which describes how to save and access documents that you create on library computers.  Ask your librarian for a copy.

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