Time to play and explore ideas is important for the Development of Creativity


For an excellent article about creativity, how it’s developed, and how the creative mind works, read these two articles in Newsweek, July 19, 2010: The Creativity Crisis  and Forget Brainstorming 

“In early childhood, distinct types of free play are associated with high creativity.  Preschoolers who spend more time in role-playing (acting out characters) have higher measures of creativity . . . .”  “In middle childhood, kids sometimes create paracosms–fantasies of entire alternative worlds. Kids revisit their paracosms repeatedly . . . . This type of play peaks at agae 9 0r 10, and it’s a very strong sign of future creativity.  It’s important not to encourage kids to go straight to the “right” answer, but to encourage creative problem solving and fact finding.  It’s essential that kids and youth ask “Why?” repeatedly.  When they stop asking why, they lose interest and motivation.  For books about creativity, children, and the importance of “play,” visit any of the six Clayton County public libraries.


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