One World, Many Stories “song”

(Imagined by Ms. Darla to tune of “Do Your Ears Hang Low”)

I see one world with many stories

Gonna tell a tale or two

Won’t you listen to my song?

Won’t you try and sing along?

There are places I have never been

And things I’ve never seen

Won’t you come with me?

There are clothes of many colors

There are faces shining, too

Have you tried to meet a friend?

Seen a rainbow without end?

Come and go with me to places

That are new and far away

Won’t you come with me?

I hear strange and different languages

And sounds that aren’t the same

But I see a smiling face

And its joy can’t be erased

Happy hearts all beat to the same sweet drum

Whether here or over there

Won’t you come with me?

I am ready to hear a story that is new and yet the same

Is it from a far-off land?

Will I learn and understand?

I can’t wait to hear the tales they’ll tell

The places I will see

Won’t you come with me?

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